Has Your Couch Seen Better Days?

Count on us to clean your upholstery

Couches and chairs get dirty. It's a fact of life. If your couch has stains from food, pets, oil or dirt, depend on Smooth Carpet Cleaning & Restoration to clean your upholstery. Our professionals can make your furniture look pristine again. Connect with us now for a free estimate on upholstery cleaning.

Improve air quality and appearance

Improve air quality and appearance

Don't attempt to get stains out of the sofa yourself. You can never be sure how household cleaning products could react with the fabric, so it's important to rely on the experts to clean it properly. Benefits of professional upholstery cleaning include:

  • Extending the life and value of your furniture
  • Cutting down on allergens
  • Reducing any abnormal smells

For a brief time after the cleaning is finished, you won't be able to sit on your furniture. Keep that in mind if you plan on getting us to clean your upholstery before you have a party or gathering. For more information about timing your service, call today.