Car Detailing / Cleaning

Restore the Shine to Your Car

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Has your jalopy lost its luster? Give it a fresh shine by contacting Smooth Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. We use the best cleaning solutions and take our time to do the job right. From the floorboards to the headlights, your car will look better than ever once we're done.

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Our crew won't miss a spot

Our crew won't miss a spot

When you clean your car yourself, you're bound to miss a few spots here and there. That’s why you should get detailing services from the pros at Smooth Carpet Cleaning & Restoration. Our crew has an eye for detail and will go above and beyond to bring out the shine in your car. We will:

  • Scrub the seats
  • Vacuum the floors
  • Dust the air vents
  • Wipe down the console
  • Wash the tire rims
  • Polish the body

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